Preschool Staff

Jean Goh

Da Little Preschool Principal

Jean had started her journey into the world of Early Childhood Education, after abandoning her previous experience with Business Studies - which proved to be the best decision she has made for herself. Armed with a heightened dire to learn the ropes as an Educator from scratch - as an Assistant Teacher at a local Preschool. Jean graduated from the Modern Montessori Institute of Singapore with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education - Teaching, Seed Institute with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Leadership and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia).
In 2011, she was promoted to manage a group of highly trained Teachers, and at the same time manage the school's infrastructure; ensuring that the school remained, and worked towards giving and providing the best for Children. 
Jean has always kept in mind that the child's milestones are of top priority, when it comes to decision-making on a managerial level. Jean has anchored herself as the Principal of Da Little School, paving scholastic experiences to greater heights, along with an arsenal of dedicated Educators beside her.
During her free time, Jean engages in baking especially her signature rainbow cakes. At Da Little School, her artistic pursuits in food art activities encourages children to eat healthy food in a fun way.

Ngoi Ming Loi

Preschool Teacher, English

Ming Loi graduated from National University of Singapore in 1988 with a Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Systems. She worked as a Software Engineer for 19 years in design and implementation of software applications ranging from software engineering design tools, MP3 technologies to Internet boosting software.
She had worked with various computer companies like National Computer Board, Computer Systems Advisors and other start-ups. In 2007, with the raising of 3 children of her own, she decided to leave the programming field to pursue a more challenging but satisfying career involving children. She ventured into preschool education as an early childhood educator and got her Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching in 2009.
In her years as a preschool teacher, she thoroughly enjoys working with children. She is dedicated to maintain high standards of quality care and preschool education in her daily interaction with the children. Ming Loi has a knack for sewing from sock puppets to costumes for school plays. 

Amanda Lye

Preschool Teacher, English

Amanda Lye is an experienced Early Childhood Educator who loves working with young children. She holds the Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Teaching) from SEED Institute and the Diploma of Infocommunications from Temasek Polytechnic. She is also currently taking her Bachelors of Early Childhood with Management at UniSIM. Amanda believes that children will fulfill their utmost potential when learning is enjoyable and meaningful to their lives.
In the classroom, she is often seen engaging children in fun and interactive literacy and numeracy activities. Her calm and caring voice helps to soothe every anxious child. During her free time, she lets her creativity flow through painting and unwinds by having a relaxing swim. 

Jess Chey

Preschool Teacher, Mother Tongue

Hail from Malaysia, Jess graduated in 2008 with an International Montessori Diploma from England. After 4 years of teaching experience, she became a trained teacher who employed effective and nurturing methods to help children to learn in a safe and and self discovery environment.
In 2011, Jess decided to take up a new challenge and came to Singapore to teach Chinese Language at a preschool. With her vast knowledge in Montessori education, she integrated the components into the diversified curriculum here, it would thus be beneficial to the learning journey of the children.
Besides her love for molding the lives of the young, one of her greatest fulfilment in her life is becoming a mother recently. She enjoys playing and singing over her baby. Spending time with her extended family is a weekly affair to foster family bond. 

Fiona Zhang

Preschool Teacher, Mother Tongue

Her name Fiona Zhang Wan Yi, from China. Her hobbies are creating art, calligraphy and playing musical instruments. She has learnt ballet since childhood, graduating from College of Music & Dance. She has learnt several forms of dance such as ballet, minority dance and Chinese Dance.
After graduation, she began teaching little children ballet and has achieved the ballet certification to be a professional ballet teacher. Being around children, their innocence and bubbly nature attracted her to start a profession in early childhood.
She came to Singapore in 2013 and studied the Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development – Teaching (Chinese). After officially starting the classes and participating practicums during attachments, she felt more right than ever to love this profession.
A famous saying goes “What humans works and strive for in life is to attain happiness”. Different people have different meaning of what happiness is. As an early childhood educator, happiness lies in being around the children. So long as she is working in this field, she will be very contented.