Our Curriculum is based on a thematic approach, using fun-filled methods to introduce new concepts and allow children to learn through exploration of the theme. We provide a bilingual environment with English & Chinese to support learning

Integration of Da English’s Little Phonics curriculum 

The Enchanted Phonics program is a unique program where each letter has a story to tell. It will take the Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 children on a fun adventure to learn the skills to read. From the beginning, children learn to recognize the sounds that each letter makes, then identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make and blend the sounds together to form a word. They learn to decode new word and finally embark on a journey to read on their own.

Exploration Time 

Integrating essential self-help skills into the Playgroup and Nursery 1 program is key as these young children are starting to explore more and getting ready their motor skills to do more challenging actions such as picking things up with their fingers, learning to put on their shoes etc. Providing them with adequate practical life skills such as dressing themselves up and doing activities independently. These activities will get them ready as they progress on to hold a pencil and start to write. Exploration time is also a session that instil the sense of exploration with materials, get ready for play dough, gel, sand and more! 


Children from Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 will be exposed to the mathematical concepts in terms of their age appropriate milestones. The curriculum is planned in a progression pace to prepare the children for Primary 1. Our framework is working alongside with the Primary school curriculum to get them ready for school. The younger age group will learn through play and activities and the older age children will learn through play and also get to do interesting worksheets to reinforce the concepts that are taught. 

Discovery Time

Discovery time is developed in line with the preschool curriculum framework of “Discovery of the World”. This program is for Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 children. It involves exploration of the world where the children live in and the scientific concepts that the children will learn in their age-appropriate milestones. They will learn through hands on experiments and become children who are curious learners to their surroundings. 

Out of the Box

Believing that children learn best through play, we provide top quality toys from HABA® and LEGO® during this special playtime. HABA® toys are made with crafted wood and it has gold standards in values, safety and quality control. During this fun playtime, the children will be learning through games and puzzles. They range from card games with language concepts and games that requires children to be more active, for example swatting the right number in a mathematical game. Out of the Box is to allow the children to learn through a different medium however still ensuring that the learning is fun and interactive. This is extremely beneficial for the children as they will not only enjoy the sessions but also learn through a relaxed and playful manner.