Da Theatre
The purpose of this program is to help develop children in the art of performing, we train children in singing, dancing, acting and stage performances.

Little Performers 

Promotes physical development and self-confidence through songs, dance and creative movement. Our Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 children get to warm up to drama games and participate in a range of dramatic techniques, singing, musical interpretation and choreography. They will learn to use different parts of their body to express themselves and build motor control, body relationships, and directionality. Children will also experience making simple hand-held props or costumes for the stage play.


在小小演员的课程里,编排了丰富的歌曲和舞蹈演习。 儿童时期是语言发展的敏感期,通过表演、对话、游戏、故事讲述理解字的含义,提高语言表达能力,培养幼儿阅读能力和良好阅读习惯。并且通过舞台表演可以锻炼孩子的胆量,增强他们的自信心以及表达自我的能力。
This program is the Mandarin immersion program for Little Performers. In this program, they will be learning through songs and dance. Children at this age start to become more vocal and will develop their Chinese language skills. Through performances, dialogue and stories, they will also heighten their language skills and able to vocalise fluently in the Chinese language. This program allows children to enjoy the world of story telling and at the same time, use the stage performance to help children become confident individuals.