Da Tots

Our Playgroup programs are specially developed for our toddlers in the Playgroup class. These programs are designed within a developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum. Our classes encourage the exploration of various kinesthetic art activities that appeal to the little ones. 


Little Doodlers

Exploring materials and art apparatus help to build knowledge of the objects in the world around them. The Playgroup children will create art through sensorial discovery activities. While doing this, they will also develop control in their small and big muscle groups. Children at this stage will learn to explore tools for making art and in turn be exposed to the variety of the mediums of art. Little Doodlers is conducted with circle time, stories and songs!


Shake ‘N Move

Tots are naturally energetic and active. In this program, the Playgroup children will learn how to move their body parts and showcase their gross motor skills. Children will be learning basic rhythmic movement to go along with the music, exposure to basic motor skills like run, walk, skip, jump etc. Action songs are a must for this program and it would often lead to more creativity for the child to create new movement to go along with the action needed.